Online Shopping Mistakes Most Australians Make

Shopping online is rapidly becoming a habit across Australia, as it is in most parts of the developed world. More and more Australians look up things to purchase on shopping sites, and by doing so is also making more and more mistakes. While online shopping fraud has largely diminished as reputable e-stores have risen, buying mistakes still persist. These occur mainly due to negligence and ignorance. If you are an Aussie online shopper, here is a list of common mistakes to avoid:


Not Checking Out Local Sites First

When shopping online, Australians all too commonly make the mistake of looking up items on international shopping websites like eBay. While you may come across seemingly lucrative deals on eBay, have you calculated the international shipping and tax fees into your purchase? Also, how can be sure that your product is of the same quality the seller proclaims it to be? Therefore, avoid this common pitfall by seeking local shopping sites like Payday Deals. Local sites offer free or cheap Australia-wide shipping. Purchases are also protected under Australian law, so you do have legal means to fight against fraudsters. In addition, you can pay in Australian currency thus avoiding exchange rate costs. So, do shop first from sites with a .au extension.

Not Bothering to Check Specifications

Don’t judge the product by the picture, or even the title really. Always double check the specifications the seller makes on the product description section. This is where it would indicate whether you are buying a new product or a used one. This is particularly important when buying electronic devices like TVs and smartphones. Check the specs for exact model and version of the gadget you are buying because the product titles can sometimes be misleading. The specs section soberly lists what the product is and what it can do. It’s different from the product description section that most potential buyers read, which is where most marketing claims are placed.

Overlooking Size Guides

Buying a new tee or a dresser? Then don’t forget to look up how big your new clothing item or furniture is. It’s particularly important to check the size guides provided by the seller, because it contains exact measurements. With clothes, you can be sure that you are buying a Large t-shirt by Australian sizes and not Asian sizes but checking out the size guide. As experienced online shoppers already know, that makes all the difference.

Looking at Only the Product, but Not the Seller

Don’t only evaluate the product by checking out reviews and ratings. Online shoppers should also evaluate the seller as well. On some sites, third-party sellers will be listed with their own ratings. If it’s the site making the selling, then do read user reviews for the website and its services before making a purchase.

Buying without Warranties

What will happen if your order is damaged on the way? Always make sure the products are shipped with some form of guarantee and preferably a warranty as well.

If you avoid making the above online shopping mistakes, then you can certainly enjoy a better experience. You will have higher chances of buying exactly what you seek at the right price and right condition.

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