How to Increase Customer Engagement with Your Brand

Customer engagement is crucial for the longevity of brands. Without the right amount of engagement, your brand may never find long-term customers. Therefore, refer to the following tactics to improve the engagement levels between the customer and your brand:

Consider Social Media an Engagement Tool

Businesses are used to thinking about social media as major advertising platforms. Scratch this type of thinking and consider social media for what it mainly is, a massive customer engagement tool. Social networks, mainly Facebook, are veering away from free promotional material and towards personal engagement, which was the original intention of the platform anyway. In this environment, social media is best utilized to get customers to interact with your brand or business. Aim for genuine likes and shares. Reply to customer queries on social media and offer customer support via live chat when possible. Social media is also great for running little contests that get customers to naturally engage with your brand more. A small shift in the social media approach could result in dramatic benefits for your business.

Get Customers Signed Up for Mailing Lists

Mailing lists never go out of style. Though marketers don’t talk about these as they used to, mailing lists are just as relevant as ever before. Just the fact that a customer signs up for a mailing list is a major sign that he or she is engaged with your brand. Use a reputable email marketing services agency to build up a mailing list. Then, your brand can regularly email clients and expect actions in kind. Special events like holidays are when mailing lists come most handy. These lists are also great for generating customer reviews and commentary. As the benefits are many, there’s no reason not to invest.

Lure in New Customers with Free Trials

Free trial customers are not like the typical customer. These customers are already engaged, but not enough to actually become paying customers. Offering free trials is still a great way to get interested customers engaged with the brand. Interested customers do not always want to pay, and a free trial might just boost their confidence in the brand. Though free trials are great for engagement, don’t assume that these customers would naturally convert to paying customers. That requires a different set of tactics. However, for engagement purposes, free trials should be highly considered.

Offer VIP Programs and Perks

Customers live being VIPs for brands. Therefore, offer VIP programs for customers who are already interested or have made at least one payment. Being on a VIP mailing list or a rewards program incentivizes customers to engage more with a brand. VIP promotions are great for periodically boosting engagements as well. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get involved with these programs.

Personalise Communication

Personalisation is on the rise across various industries. The aim is to directly reach out to customers. Indeed, when customers are intimately addresses, they are more likely to see your brand on familiar terms rather than on business terms. A simple personalisation effort can go a long way for customer engagement.

Keep in mind that tools like social media are powerful drivers of customer engagement. Try one or two of the above methods to get customers heavily engaged and invested in your brand. The methods may not work right away, but be patient and keep on trying.

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