Designing Your Website: What You Need to Consider

Even if you are building your own website or you plan on hiring a web designer to do it for you, it is still better to have a fair idea of how you want your website to look like. Do your research and look for other websites for inspiration. If you would be launching a blog, look for similar ones and if you would be launching an e-commerce website, look for websites selling products or offering services that is the same as yours.

If you are grasping for straws because you have no idea on the several factors that you need to consider, read below to find out the components of a good website.

The effective use of white space

When it comes to website designing, white space is important but you have to find the balance. Too little white space and it might be difficult to read the text or the images might look compressed and crammed, too much white space and the reader and website visitor might feel bored if they keep on scrolling just to read the next paragraph or to look at the next photo.

The creative use of white space would highlight what you need to be highlighted since your site’s visitors’ eyes would be drawn to that important text or photo since there are no visual elements that would distract them. To get an idea on how white space is used creatively and effectively, visit

Visible contact forms

One of the main purposes of a website is to convert visitors to clients. One of the things that business owners do to ensure that is to have the visitors subscribe to their newsletter. You might not be able to get business from first time visitors right off the bat, but that does not mean that they would not be clients in the future.

Once they are subscribed to your newsletter, they would not forget your brand since they would be receiving reminders from you via a weekly or monthly email. In order for them to subscribe, ensure that your contact forms are visible throughout your website. Just make sure though that you don’t annoy them by having contact forms popping up constantly while they are experiencing your site.

Linked social media accounts

Having linked your social media accounts to your website is another way to verify your authenticity since you have made it easier for your clients to further “investigate” whether you are legitimate or not and or if you could provide them what you are looking for.

Linking your social media accounts would also expand your target market since there are possible clients that are browsing social media platforms who could come across your accounts and would in turn be your customers without having seen your website first.

These are just some of the basic considerations you have to think of when you are designing your website. There are still other factors you need to look at but these essentials should be included in your top concern.

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